Important NZ Industry Information about Imported Motorhomes


Thank you for visiting this page. This will probably the most important information you can read when considering on a motorhome purchase and the dealer of choice. It is a very big ocean out there and it has a lot of fish hooks in it.

The following is a full explanation for you to learn and understand the comfort of buying from genuine factory approved and appointed dealers operating in New Zealand.

This information is factual and further down, is the Swift manufacturers website link which we recommend you read as it is important.

There is a great number of dealers scattered throughout NZ who are importing motorhomes. A limited number are true and genuine dealers appointed by the manufacturer abroad, with a licenced agreement to import direct and distribute brands such as Swift or Chausson.

These two manufacturers list RV Direct as there dealer in New Zealand. This can be found on both these websites for your security.

In the NZ market place, there is an abundance of motorhome sales yards posing as factory appointed dealers when there is no distribution agreement. These dealers are not in a business partnership with Swift or Chausson and in fact are parallel importers of “Grey Imports”. Expanding on this, these 2nd level 3rd party dealers have no trading relationship with either Swift or Chausson.  As the Swift brand for UK is the largest manufacturer it attracts consumer preference in the UK and NZ.

Factually these dealers we are advising you of have no relationship with Swift or our Chausson brand, and can not enjoy direct support in any aspect to assist you; the innocent buyer.

The following is the 8 point disadvantage and key elements these Grey Import dealers can not provide NZ customers

  1. No manufacturers recall or corrective measures.
  2. No technical assistance or technical literature, a key element to fulfil after sales support.
  3. No avenue of communication with the manufacturer.
  4. No ability to order or buy parts directly from Swift or Chausson.
  5. No warranties or undertakings for support after a grey import arrives in NZ.
  6. No provision for information for factory repair policy or procedure.
  7. Registered factory partnership dealers of both Swift and Chausson have RV Direct listed on their website as their NZ dealer. You will note the absence and be able to identify the grey importers we refer.

All the above valuable information in this summary is easily confirmed by our manufacturing partners. Click on the following link and read it from the horses mouth.

Having read this you will now have identified the high risk of buyer one of our brands from a parallel 2nd tier grey importer.

Their motorhome imports remain non factory supported, and regardless of the inference at time of sale, dealers such as RV Direct do not avail any support or parts availability throughout the future life of that motorhome as specified by Swift.

Any parts will be difficult to obtain, and naturally require you sourcing them Internationally.

Hopefully all the above information has been worthy advice and allows you to understand the risk of buying a parallel or grey import.

At any time you are attracted to either a Swift or Chausson motorhome beyond RV Direct I ask that you view these factory website for the NZ distributor / dealer entity. As a parallel importer buys from the UK retailers, their price structure will always reflect substantially higher prices in NZ.

If ever you are unsure of the legitimacy of a Swift or Chausson dealer, just give us a call and we will clarify for your comfort and security their factory status.

Thank you for your participation.

Management of RV Direct