RV Direct is a privately owned NZ Factory Appointed dealer distributor for the the largest UK manufacturer Swift Group. Our second brand Chausson of sole distribution is the premier European brand from the Trigano Group in France. We stand alone in the NZ Motorhome Industry with the widest range of business experience to provide customers best knowledge and information. The exclusive experience covers 4 key business operations in NZ over more than 20 years.

Allan, General Manager of RV Direct was the hands on owner of a leading motorhome manufacturer, followed with establishing and operating the fastest growing motorhome parts importer and distributor “RV Wholesale Supplies” throughout the 90’s and up until 2008 when they sold the business. Today under the name RV & Marine Supplies the business remains a major industry provider. In 2011 RV Direct was registered and quickly became a key entity in the increasing preference of imported motorhomes.

RV Direct is relocating to new facility. Discussions followed with one of the industries most skilled technicians. The combined business background of Craig and Allan as the two key front people of RV Direct is the best you can get. Only RV Direct has business ownership experience with the 2 key people in Motorhome  manufacturing, Major RV Parts distribution, UK and European. Motorhome factory appointed dealership and 20 years technical expertise.

We are proud of our history and know that our customers can travel with peace of mind that a simple phone call can obtain the best back up and support in NZ. Add to the above a customer key factor when considering a new motorhome  … PRICE …

RV Direct we believe is the only Wholesale Direct to the Public distributor dealer. Our customers confirm our price advantage is very attractive. RV Direct undertakes to deliver the best brands from UK and Europe along with the support and knowledge that only the above experience can provide. The technical knowledge on parts and components learnt as the importer, coupled with the technical expertise of a technician installer at the forefront of RV Direct will continue as second to none.